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Qualifications and experience

Speech Symbol and Sign is owned by Zoe Potts.

Zoe qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 1989, having attended Sheffield University for four years . She holds a Bachelor of Medical Science (Speech) (Honours) degree.

Zoe is a member of The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, and The Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice. She is also registered with the Health Professions Council, the regulatory body for speech and language therapists.

Zoe is a Regional Tutor for the Makaton Vocabulary Development Project

She has 13 years experience working as a speech and language therapist for the NHS in North Tyneside.

Zoe has worked in posts including:

  • Pre school children - with and without special needs
  • Children in local schools - including those with Statements
  • Children attending specialist schools for severe and complex learning disabilities
  • Children attending a specialist school for physical disabilities and medical disorders
Her main aim in all these settings was to help children improve their spoken language skills, by targeting vocabulary , speech sound and social development, and promoting children’s understanding of spoken language.

However, Zoe has also developed a high level of expertise working with children who need to learn to use other ways to communicate, to prevent frustration and reduce behaviour difficulties.

She has introduced signing systems, and systems relying on objects, pictures and symbols, for both temporary and permanent use.

Zoe has a specific interest in working with children who use, or need to use Voice Output Communication Aids, or computers to talk.